Benefits of Installing a Salon Software

A salon software is a management system used in the daily operations of the salon or spa for purposes of booking among others. You no longer need to scribble down appointments on paper in front of your customers now that you can comfortably do it with your software. If you are in doubt on whether to have the software in use or not, read this piece of its benefit and decide if it's worth it.

Ease in booking appointments.

With the best salon software, you are able to schedule your work accordingly. Either the clients can book appointments in the available times remotely from where they are or they can visit the salon and the salon employees can help with the schedules since they are able to view the calendar on freer times. If you are the salon manager, you could also use the software to take statistics on the busiest times and the less busy times and allocate work to employees accordingly.


You will be amazed at how much convenient it is to use the Phorest software as it has a feature of Automatically sending customized messages in an attempt to confirm the client's appointment and if they are coming. This will drastically reduce no shows and have more business going on and increasing profitability.

Guaranteed security.

With the system, the information is in a central system and inventories, sales, number of clients attended to and by who are easily accessible. You can be sure that no data will be lost even of customers information as you can back up almost immediately after you have entered the data.

Product management.

This applies especially in the inventory management sector. The software will enable you know the number of products you have and when you will need to reorder some products. You will be able to notice what goods are fast moving and which ones are stagnant so as to make better inventory decisions. If its about dyes, the software plays a role in mixing the perfect colors for clients digitally and save the information to their profile so that when they come its already there.

Increased profitability.

Usually when clients receive quality services starting form quick booking and faster services, they will generally become satisfied and become loyal to your business hence guaranteed increase in profits. The other advantage is that you can evaluate performance and set achievable goals weekly, monthly and annually. To read more about the benefits of using salon software, go to